Micro-Temp III, 2-Channel Temp Averager, 2-Channel MASS-1000, NEMA 4X Enclosure


  • Combine multiple measurement tools in a compact single housing. Same Footprint as MTII 150. Very user friendly.
  • Easy to calibrate and communicate with Modbus. Utilize 2 (4-20mA) analog output signals.
  • Base unit, Micro Temp III includes a 2 Channel Averager. Can now monitor an expanded temperature range of 0-250F. 
  • Upgrade with additional features, in the field, or at time of order. Additional cost.
  • Include Mass 1000 and/or BS&W for smaller footprint and wiring.
  • Include your probe with thermowell for a simple connection.
  • Mass 1000- Separate totalizer for both channels (2). All models have a rate meter for each channel, 1:1 ratio both digital output and prover pulse, Allows continuous on-line measurement. Easy interface with flow meter, sample system and proving, Adjustable frequency input 0-200 Hz, 8400 Hz and 10,000 Hz. Choice of Swithcraft or Amphenol proving connections; user configured

New MicroTemp III package

Micro-Temp III Manual w Diagram