Contract Meter Proving

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Extending Flow Meter Proving Services

Contract Meter Proving

MeterCheck provides reliable scheduling and professional data reporting while being committed to safety and maintaining a clean environment. You can trust that your flow meters are performing to the best standard possible because MeterCheck prover operators thoroughly understand custody transfer measurement. Provers Currently In Service and Stationed Out Of:

  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Minneapolis, KS
  • Houston, TX

Current Coverage Area

  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • Arkansas
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana

Bi-Directional and Compact Provers™
NIST traceable water draw calibrations
Flow rate capacity up to 2500 BPH
Pressure up to 1440 PSIG
Factory-trained field service technicians
Field personnel up to date on all safety and compliance training
ISNetworld - Avetta / PICS - Pipeline Testing Consortium - Energy Worldnet OQ - PEC - TWIC - OSHA - DISA

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